Heart Quote

Heart Quote

I have always believed everyone is a leader in their own right and it is a choice to tap into and exercise leadership qualities be it for your family, your neighborhood, civic group, kids sports teams, professional group, personal growth, or unexpectedly helping a friend or stranger in a time of need. No title is necessary to be considered a leader and indeed it is an exciting proposition for one to elicit their leadership qualities to contribute to the greater good, personally or professionally.

I have spent two decades educating individuals about how to tap their potential and adopt habits that demonstrate leadership and have always and still do believe it is an inside job. My experience and now studies abound suggest there is tremendous value in getting to know yourself from the inside out. This requires learning to develop healthy, compassionate¬† communication with YOU, and it starts with becoming quiet…or mindful.

There are myriad scientific and anecdotal benefits to practicing mindfulness including:

1. Becoming less reactive, which ultimately translates into making better decisions. Think about the benefits for yourself in becoming responsive rather than remaining reactive and making decisions you are pleased with as opposed to regret later on.

2. Becoming more focused and sharpen your attention. Doing so helps individuals respond to stress in more calm manner as well as enhances emotional intelligence. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you have the ability in any given moment to access your calm, cool, and collected state without giving in to emotional outbursts you might regret?

3. Increasing creativity. Research shows that practicing mindfulness quiets the mind and in doing so, makes room for new and better ideas. In my practice, I can’t recall meeting one client who doesn’t want to be more creative and generate different and innovative ideas whether it is for work, increasing their capacity to communicate, even planning their family’s vacation…the list goes on.

4. Cultivating compassion. Quite simply, compassion can be practiced by simple acts of kindness. When we choose to pause and offer a compliment, or let someone with less groceries than us go ahead in line,  or offer a word of encouragement to someone we are practicing compassion. The transformational benefits will transcend your personal and professional lives and enhance your leadership capacity.

With these valuable benefits in mind, I am excited to invite you to join me in Janice Marturano’s Mindfulness at Work Challenge starting Monday, January 29.¬† Ms Marturano, a former General Mills executive, says the challenge, which starts on Monday, Jan. 27 and runs through Friday, Jan. 31, will offer daily tips and expert guidance on creating a mindfulness practice and bringing greater awareness and presence into your work life.

I hope you will participate and join the conversation. I will be sharing my experience and look forward to learning about yours!

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