Jennifer Connell International - Success Strategy Catalyst

Inspirational Presentations

Jennifer will inspire your group with a dynamic and learning-ful program. She speaks on a variety of topics that have a track record of inspiring and cultivating successful professional and personal development. Her presentations are designed to address common needs today’s organizations experience including employee engagement, workplace stress & energy management, and conscious communication, and offer participants a broad range of experience from that of reflection to dynamic activity.

“Jennifer is a unique blend of intellectual and intuitive excellence. She is efficient, competent, dependable and driven. Blend these attributes with a wonderful sense of humor and personal magnetism and you have a consultant who is truly one in a million. I whole-heartedly recommend her and attest to her expertise.” ~ Laura Nash, CEO, Tuning In, LLC

Enhancing Employee Engagement: Tips, Techniques, and Insights on How to Increase Motivation and Elicit Discretionary Effort

The purpose of this presentation is to highlight ways to motivate people–your direct reports– to deepen their engagement, increase their motivation, and go the extra mile or what I like to call, give discretionary effort. By the end of our time together you will have some take away some ideas that you can implement to foster feeling and value based relationships which will cultivate brand ambassadors who demonstrate deeper engagement, connection to your customers and commitment to the organization.

Join us and learn:

  •  The dangers of information overload and how it impacts employee engagement
  •  How to create a positive, fear-free atmosphere that fosters employee trust and sustainable success
  •  How to make your employees feel valued, empowered, confident and rewarded to achieve results

Conscious Leadership Secrets for Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: How to live in Alignment with what’s MOST important to foster sustainable business growth and success.

Discover how embracing conscious leadership principles will have a positive impact on your business.

Research and experience suggests that Conscious Leadership is central to a healthy and thriving business. Indeed we are all conscious leaders and while some of us choose to be intentional about leading consciously, others do not. Conscious leaders enhance communication, enhance individual and employee engagement and foster sustainable success by demonstrating three core habits.  To illustrate that conscious leadership lives inside each of us, in this seminar we will stimulate our capacity for conscious leadership.

Join us and learn:

  •  The core habits of conscious leaders
  •  How to prioritize or re-prioritize your goals and ensure they are aligned with your vision
  •  Enhance your engagement in your business to foster sustainable success

Conscious Communication: Secrets to Becoming a Conscious Leader in the Board Room and the Family Room

Many of today’s most successful leaders are found outside the corporate business environment. Today’s new leaders include stay-at-home moms, entrepreneurs, senior citizens, humanitarians, and students who have learned to connect with their leadership capabilities; they are Conscious Leaders.

One of the keys to becoming an effective and conscious leader lies in Conscious Communication, a technology that is being used in the boardroom and the family room to enhance communication with colleagues, customers, community members and loved ones. Using Conscious Communication techniques inspires people to achieve what they desire while reaping the benefits of rich and joyful relationships.

Whether you are in an official leadership position, an aspiring leader or someone who nurtures the relationships with your community, family, friends and loved ones, Conscious Leadership will leave you refreshed and with a few tools to enhance those precious relationships–personal and professional.

  • Imagine what would happen if you were completely understood and fully operating from your untapped capability as a leader in all domains of your life and encouraging engagement from those in your personal and professional worlds?
  • How would you feel if you had effective tools to create healthy and enriched relationships?
  • What would your life look like if you were a conscious leader and were creating sustainable results and success?

Don’t be a spectator in your own life!  Learn how to be the involved, interactive and conscious leader you were born to be.

Strategies for Managing Workplace Stress to Optimize Energy

Stress permeates all aspects of modern day life. Numerous articles describe how stress increases medical costs, reduces employee productivity and impacts morale and turnover. Jennifer shares techniques and exercises to help participants better manage stress. You will learn to deal with the stresses of everyday living, and just like an eye of a hurricane is calm you can learn to bring that same calmness into your life so you can walk calmly amongst the chaos. She will provide examples of how stress can be used to positively achieve optimum performance and share practical ways to incorporate stress management techniques in every day settings including the office, commuting, air travel and the home.

This program is ideal for a Lunch ‘n Learn offering and includes two 1 hour seminars conducted at your facility during the workday:

  • Harnessing the Power of Don’t Just do Something, Sit There!, and
  • Understanding and Leveraging the Mind/Body Connection.