Jennifer Connell International - Success Strategy Catalyst

Our Philosophy

Organizations are living entities and like any living organism must acquire, digest and metabolize proper nutrients to encourage good health. Research is revealing that traditional models of leadership fuel ineffective communication, disengaged employees, toxic environments and failure. The complexity, chaos and ambiguity leaders face today require a new level of awareness that cultivates and provides the nutrients that encourage healthy communication, support strong relationships, enhance employee engagement and creates the conditions in which personal and organizational success can be sustainable.

We believe Conscious Leadership speaks to these very issues and is central to a healthy and thriving organization. Conscious leaders are committed to cultivating healthy communication, enhancing employee engagement, and fostering sustainable success. They have a level of self awareness, elicit the potential in others, and recognize the interdependent connections in the organization. Indeed, they have the capacity to unearth and address the root cause of organizational toxicity and cultivate the organization’s natural evolution towards sustainable results and success.

Strategy for Sustainable Success

“Jennifer is a true innovator who is on the forefront of conscious leadership. I am very fortunate to have been exposed to her intuitive abilities as a leadership development consultant, organizational change agent and gifted speaker. She is very committed to seeing her clients achieve sustainable success. If you have been looking for someone who is passionate, engaging and heart centered to come into your organization and bridge the gap between disconnected company leaders and disengaged employees – Jennifer is the consultant for you.”

~Garrick Gibson, Sr Visual Communications Consultant, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida