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Stewards of the Organization's Vision

Sustainable Success

Inasmuch as the complexity, upheaval, fast-paced change, and uncertainty complicate organizational systems, leaders need a road map as they attempt to adapt, learn, and transform themselves to meet ongoing challenges. Today’s organizational leaders must abandon authoritarian approaches to cultivate sustainable success which engenders creativity, infuses an attitude of learning, and expands the capacity for new thinking for everyone throughout the organization.

A survey  of over 100,000 employees across 12 industries showed the link between communication-related issues—employees knowing their roles, feeling important to the vision and mission of the organization, having a good relationship with their supervisor, being recognized for their work, etc., and organizational success. (Training & Development)

To build a healthy organization marked by sustainable success, leaders must be designers, teachers, and stewards of the organization, and specifically of its employees; these notions are completely in harmony with the characteristics of conscious leadership. Leaders become designers when they create guiding ideas including purpose, vision, and core values that are meaningful and engaging to people.  Chances are your organization’s employees have personal visions living inside of them, yet these visions must be nurtured to become aligned or congruent with that of the organization. Healthy communication develops grounded relationships that exhibit humanistic values and encourage engaged employees who are empowered to co-create the organization’s visions and goals, and develop shared commitment to organizational health.