Jennifer Connell International - Success Strategy Catalyst

Effective Meeting Facilitation

Sometimes it is best to remove bias and emotions from a conversation or meeting. Partner with Jennifer, an experienced facilitator, who can assist your group to generate productive results. Having Jennifer facilitate your meeting allows the leader-executive to participate rather than drive the agenda. She will build a safe space in which the meeting participants can have a meaningful conversation, stay on task and move the agenda towards the desired outcome.

Be prepared to hear different & objective questions that will elicit open thinking, and encourage a free flow of information, ideas and perspectives!

“Rather than our traditional vendor show, we opted to have a conversation with our VIP clients and vendors to allow the opportunity to share best practices, common goals, and business challenges in a forum setting. Ms Connell facilitated the conversation with style, elicited rich information and engaged everyone so that each individual was not only heard, but understood as well. The conversation was a huge success and we could not have asked for a more powerful outcome for all involved. We have continued the dialogue among and between vendors and clients with a view to customizing solutions for their business needs.   Thank you, Jennifer.  We look forward to working with you again.”
~ Kyle Bergin, Production Systems Specialist, IKON Office Solutions a Ricoh Company

Essential to the meeting facilitation is careful planning with clearly defined objectives and desired outcomes. Jennifer will work with the leader or executive in charge to define the type of facilitation required such as:

  •     Visioning
  •     Business Infrastructure and Growth Strategy
  •     Board and Committee Meetings
  •     Town Hall meetings and conversations