Jennifer Connell International - Success Strategy Catalyst

Individual and Leadership Coaching

Every individual has the capacity to tap their innate potential and become someone who achieves extraordinary results. Jennifer’s passion for assisting others to excel in their personal and professional endeavors is why individuals, current and aspiring leaders within organizations, small business owners, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs love working with her.

“Jennifer Connell has one of the most amazing minds I have ever encountered. She is sharp, practical, intelligent, non-judgmental, compassionate and objective. Her intellect is fluid and her heart is ever-present. I have known Jennifer for several years and worked with her in many different capacities – she was my personal coach, a leader for workshops I attended and a speaker for our network. I have also worked with Jennifer to create events together and she serves on the Advisory Committee for our Company, Powerful You! Inc.”   

~Sue Urda, President & Co-Founder, Powerful You!

Better results and success are not far away when you commit to sharpen your focus. The coaching experience will assist you to:

  • Develop a level of self-awareness;
  • Gain clarity on your vision and get passionate about your business;
  • Learn to prioritize or re-prioritize your goals and develop a strategy;
  • Develop influential communication in your personal and professional relationships;
  • Conduct effective meetings that are productive and elicit accountability;
  • Identify and overcome hindrances that keep you from performing at a high level;
  • Inspire and cultivate creative energies in yourself and others;
  • Develop sustainable change in your life and business through personal mastery;
  • Integrate work and life energies;
  • Enhance your positive impact on others;
  • Operate from a place of authenticity.

An executive leader’s comment on the effects of developing healthy communication in her organization:
“Significant changes are being made because we are discussing them. Conversation is happening and collective changes are happening. The solutions are coming out of the dialogue.”

Code of Ethics

Coaches certified with the Center for Coaching Certification, which offers International Coach Federation (ICF) approved programs and is authorized by IACET to offer CEUs, are trained in keeping with the following Code of Ethics and I agree to abide by these ethics and their intent:

    Client Focused
    The Coach recognizes that each client is a capable person with the right and capability to determine their own priorities, goals, and action steps. The coaching process is focused on empowering the client. Each client chooses when to enter a coaching relationship, communicates in a way that is comfortable to them, chooses their primary focus during coaching, and chooses when to end he coaching relationship.

    The Coach ensures all coaching sessions are private, and the confidentiality of the client is protected by the coach; records, notes and files are kept private and the coach does not discuss the client or the content of client sessions. For training purposes, general examples that do not allow for identification of a client are used.

    Scope of Process
    The Coach recognizes that the coaching process is different in nature from mental health services and coaching does not cross over in to mental health services through the use of analyzing, assessing, diagnosing, or giving advice. The Coach clearly communicates the nature of coaching to the client and maintains clear boundaries. The client is fully empowered through coaching to determine their own best course of action. The Coach shall end the coaching process if a reasonable person would believe there is a need for mental health services.

    The Coach conducts themselves with integrity at all times. The Coach sets and maintains clear and moral personal boundaries, treats the client and their information with confidentiality and respect, and ensures consistency in their behavior, treatment of clients, and communication.

    The Coach fully respects their client by ensuring client self-determination, clear communication, confidentiality, moral personal boundaries, and consistent treatment. The Coach respects and honors their clients time by setting and keeping appointments, establishing clear boundaries for communication between appointments, clearly communicating rates and payment process, clearly communicating commitment timelines, and treating their client with positive esteem.


      Coaches certified with the Center for Coaching Certification, which offers International Coach Federation (ICF) approved programs and is authorized by IACET to offer CEUs, are trained in keeping with the following values and I agree to abide by these values and their intent:

        State your intention for a trusting relationship, extend trust, and earn trust.

        Good Character
        Live and work with consistent morals and values.

        Honor your commitments, ensuring follow-up and follow-through.

        Continuously strive to increase professional skills.

        Seek to understand first, and care about each person as an individual.

        Ensure the best possible service is provided.