Jennifer Connell International - Success Strategy Catalyst

Team Development and Alignment

Every team has the capacity to be effective and can achieve extraordinary results.  Their power simply needs to be harnessed! Jennifer’s passion for assisting others to excel in a collaborative manner is why teams in organizations and small business owners love working with her.

“Jennifer is a true innovator who is on the forefront of conscious leadership. I am very fortunate to have been exposed to her intuitive abilities as a leadership development consultant, organizational change agent and gifted speaker. She is very committed to seeing her clients achieve sustainable success. If you have been looking for someone who is passionate, engaging and heart centered to come into your organization and bridge the gap between disconnected company leaders and disengaged employees – Jennifer is the consultant for you.” 
~Garrick Gibson, Sr Visual Communications Consultant, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida

Better results and success are not far away when the team’s power is harnessed and cultivated. Team development and alignment will assist your team to:

  • Become aligned with and act as stewards for the organization’s vision
  • Build momentum and create sustainable results and success;
  • Foster a learning environment to maintain a competitive edge;
  • Develop and achieve goals aligned with the vision;
  • Develop effective strategies that produce results;
  • Leverage the strengths of team members;
  • Conduct effective team meetings that are productive and elicit accountability;
  • Promote and encourage collaboration to become more productive (aka removing barriers between departments;
  • Practice and support each other with healthy communication;
  • Unlock their creative potential and enjoy a highly energized, trusting, and empowered environment.

“Now meetings start by first stating their purpose, followed by developing a shared understanding and we have an expectation that, at the end of a meeting attendees will take responsibility for seeing certain agenda items through to completion.”  ( School Superintendent, PA)